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A First sight on cast and convert functions in sql server

I often get messed up myself when it comes to use cast and convert functions. No matter how many times I use them still I get stuck around at the basic syntax difference between the two. So lets make it... Continue Reading →

A simplified Glance ROW_NUMBER and OUTPUT clause in Sql Server

This post elucidates the concepts for the beginnners in an elegant way.The table chosen is simple for comprehending the concepts in a better way.

Value Type and Reference Type in C#

There are value types and reference types in c#. Value types hold the direct data i.e value  or object where as the reference types store the reference to a location in memory of the data or value or object. Value... Continue Reading →

A clear cut distinction between Html helpers Action,RenderAction,Partial,RenderPartial in Asp.Net Mvc 4

Here lets explore the difference between all these four html helpers which look similar. First lets jump start with example later we can see the individual theory and purpose. To be simple enough and concentrate on the target lets create... Continue Reading →

Knowing When to Use Override and New Keywords (C# Programming Guide) Excellent article on use of new and override keyword. 

Delegates simplified

Delegates seems very daunting topic to newbies. So here I will explain you the formal definition along with example that represents what exactly the definition mean. Formal Definition Delegates enable to encapsulate reference of a method inside a delegate object,... Continue Reading →

A quick snap points for .Net Collections

Quick snap points helps to recap the concepts very quickly when attending interview or going to write exam.

Demistified the difference between ViewData, ViewBag and TempData.

As many technical protals, blogs and tutorials have a huge definition of ViewData, ViewBag and TempData, I'm not going to peep around again with definitions.Let us explore something out of the box about these concepts. If we want to send... Continue Reading →

A little tip for PagedList.Mvc package

PagedList cannot call a HttpPost method.

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