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Hint, Hint Hint SBerry out to execute it's task. Let's explore SQL SERVER hints with SBerry Basic and Simply put: A hint is a sort of suggestion or order given out to the SQL Server query processor to follow the... Continue Reading →


A Hard Digest with Inner join in Sql Server

Inner join can lead to misleading result set which sometimes can cause mess if they are not handled meticulously.

Basic note on String Comparision Enumeration

 Sberry wants 'Delineate' to be not equal to DELINEATE which is again not equal to dElINeate and sort them based on their case and culture. How to do...? Here comes the StringComparision enum which we can pass to the comparison, equal... Continue Reading →

Clear out Confusion on Add, Attach, Create DbSet Methods.

With Sberry, let's dive in to clear out the confusion around the Add, Attach and Entry, Create and New methods of DbSet and DbContext of Entity framework. Add public virtual object Add( object entity) Simply put Adds the entity to... Continue Reading →

Handy note on Configuration and InitializationStrategy in .Net EntityFramework

The default Entity framework conventions can be overridden through two methods 1.Data Annotations 2.Fluent API. Entities and properties are configured through EntityTypeConfiguration. The ModelBuilder class provides Enity (),which return EntityTypeConfiguration object which is  used in configuration.  We can separate out... Continue Reading →

In Built Delegates in C#

Func<T,TResult>, Action and predicate delegates are inbuilts present in the system namespace. Func delegate can take one or more parameters and returns a value. The parameters can be zero to 16 and the last parameter represents a return value. If... Continue Reading →

One stop for all basic Entity framework Migration commands

This post thows up a glimpse on the basic commads syntax and usage serving as a quick reference when ever you are struck out for pretty basic thing. Let’s get started. Want to enable Migrations in your Project ? Enable-Migrations... Continue Reading →

Quick Note on Apply Operator in Sql Server

  Hello Welcome to Sberry blog. This post gives you a quick snap of what APPLY operator in sql server. Learn now with Sberry. APPLY operator in a Transact-SQL query is used to join a table to a table-valued function... Continue Reading →

A Shallow Dive into EntityTypeConfiguration

  Hello! Strawberry Sberry here. This time strawberry in search of a new tech friend. Sberry came to know about EntityTypeConfiguration from its previous tech friend DbContext. Let's help Sberry discover about its new friend and connect them. Go Go... Continue Reading →

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