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DatePart Demystified

DatePart when used to retrieve WeekDay, its settings depends on the Set DateFirst . The current value of the DateFirst Can be queried as select @@DateFirst which will return the value between 1 to 7 each representing a day of... Continue Reading →


static vs sealed classes in c#.Net

Rejuvenating SBerry is always muddled with the difference between the static and sealed classed. This morning it found out an always remembering answer with visualization. +----------+-+------------------------+-----------------+--------------------+ |Class Type| |Can inherit from others |Can be inherited |Can be instantiated | |----------|-|------------------------+-----------------+--------------------+... Continue Reading →

Data Providers! What’s it?

Data provider is the most common term as a developer, we often hear it. But to be exact, what does it mean? Let's simplify things up with SBerry Data Provider is a software library consisting of numerous classes which provide... Continue Reading →

A new look at javascript, emboldened with HTML, learn it out with SBerry wahoo!! So DOM (Document Object Model) on which the HTML is based consists of elements, tags, attributes. Hence when the browser loads the page, it parses the... Continue Reading →

Segregating DataModels and the Views in Asp.Net MVC

Ever wondered what if  we separate our models classes  into a different project and access them via other Project. How does it look in Code? Yes, it's the time to see it in action with SBerry. Before we begin, let... Continue Reading →

INDEX in SQL SERVER simplified

Let's learn Index with Sberry and unravel the different types of indexes in sql server. An index is an on-disk structure associated with a table or view that speeds retrieval of rows from the table or view. Index contains keys... Continue Reading →

Voip, a simple glimpse

Hello everyone, this is my debut towards Voip. I'm jotting down the points to remember so that it's beneficial for me and for anyone intreseted in it.  Let's go on... VoIP is a Layer 3 network protocol that uses various... Continue Reading →


Hint, Hint Hint SBerry out to execute it's task. Let's explore SQL SERVER hints with SBerry Basic and Simply put: A hint is a sort of suggestion or order given out to the SQL Server query processor to follow the... Continue Reading →

A Hard Digest with Inner join in Sql Server

Inner join can lead to misleading result set which sometimes can cause mess if they are not handled meticulously.

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