Assalamualaykum Wr Br.

Today we discuss few more things of SSRS formatting which pretty simple but I want it to be here for future references.

Lets have a look on below report where report have three columns with name SID, SNAME, STANDARDID which are marked in blue color.


The values of Sid column are at right side which is because of the following property as shown below:

Right click the column and select properties – > Alignment Tab -> Horizontal =Right .


For which all values of Sid and StandardId are aligned to right of the text box.

Now I would change this value to center and which impacts on reports as shown below:


Observe the values of all columns which are aligned to center of each text box of table.

I did the same to headers where alignment property set as “Center” as shown below:


Now observe that there are borders to each cell. There are most reports which does not have borders to each cell. To achieve it,  right click the cell -> textbox properties -> Boders -> click on None button as shown below:


After Clicking on OK. The report will be visible as below:



That’s it for now. Enjoy..:)