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MVC for novice.

Handy note on Configuration and InitializationStrategy in .Net EntityFramework

The default Entity framework conventions can be overridden through two methods 1.Data Annotations 2.Fluent API. Entities and properties are configured through EntityTypeConfiguration. The ModelBuilder class provides Enity (),which return EntityTypeConfiguration object which is  used in configuration.  We can separate out... Continue Reading →


In Built Delegates in C#

Func<T,TResult>, Action and predicate delegates are inbuilts present in the system namespace. Func delegate can take one or more parameters and returns a value. The parameters can be zero to 16 and the last parameter represents a return value. If... Continue Reading →

One stop for all basic Entity framework Migration commands

This post thows up a glimpse on the basic commads syntax and usage serving as a quick reference when ever you are struck out for pretty basic thing. Let’s get started. Want to enable Migrations in your Project ? Enable-Migrations... Continue Reading →

Her smile…

It's her blissful, true, humble, loving, enthralling smile that radiates the innocence and affection she has for everyone she gives smile. Her smile make my day and my life. For her I'm the world and for me she's the life

Entity Framework Concepts made easy

Conceptual model, entity, context Entity framework. Confused?? Say No to confusion now, since I have made this blog post to throw a perfect illusion of how all these things relate to each other. Let's begin... I begin with simple... Continue Reading →

Formatting SSRS in simple ways

Assalamualaykum Wr Br. Today we discuss few more things of SSRS formatting which pretty simple but I want it to be here for future references. Lets have a look on below report where report have three columns with name SID,... Continue Reading →

A clear cut distinction between Html helpers Action,RenderAction,Partial,RenderPartial in Asp.Net Mvc 4

Here lets explore the difference between all these four html helpers which look similar. First lets jump start with example later we can see the individual theory and purpose. To be simple enough and concentrate on the target lets create... Continue Reading →

Knowing When to Use Override and New Keywords (C# Programming Guide) Excellent article on use of new and override keyword. 

Demistified the difference between ViewData, ViewBag and TempData.

As many technical protals, blogs and tutorials have a huge definition of ViewData, ViewBag and TempData, I'm not going to peep around again with definitions.Let us explore something out of the box about these concepts. If we want to send... Continue Reading →

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