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Elegant short notes on technical concepts

A quick snap points for .Net Collections

Quick snap points helps to recap the concepts very quickly when attending interview or going to write exam.

Demistified the difference between ViewData, ViewBag and TempData.

As many technical protals, blogs and tutorials have a huge definition of ViewData, ViewBag and TempData, I'm not going to peep around again with definitions.Let us explore something out of the box about these concepts. If we want to send... Continue Reading →

A little tip for PagedList.Mvc package

PagedList cannot call a HttpPost method.

Basic and useful tips to work around the heck when working with MVC 4 in visual studio 2012.

When working with visual studio 2012 MVC 4 we may come across different exceptions, errors, misbehaviour of any component etc. So here I want to share with you some tips which can be beneficial to anyone who are hitting their... Continue Reading →

Model view controller basics

we are going to discover about the very basic concepts of the MVC architecture .It is for the novices to MVC. MVC stands for model, view, controller .MVC is a architecture Design pattern. MVC Framework enables to develop MVC... Continue Reading →

Important concepts related to inheritance and polymorphism in Java

Access specifiers Private Default also called package private Public Protected Private The classes,data members and methods declared as private cannot be accessed outside of the class. These  can be accessed within the body of the class.The data members  can be... Continue Reading →

Tricky points about abstract class and abstract method in java

An abstract class is created by using the keyword abstract. An abstract class can have abstract methods and even concrete method in it. Concrete methods can be defined in the abstract class where as the Abstract methods are just declared.... Continue Reading →

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